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Manage all your marketing campaingns in one place using one platform.

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Campaigns, Data & Algorithms

The advertising environment is more and more complicated and you need one tool to manage all your ads and keep all your analytics data in one place.

ad management tool


Build and deploy new ad campaigns quickly and easily.

ad management

Make edits and create reports easily to see how your campaigns are doing.

ads optimization

View actionable insights to optimize your campaigns throughout their life.

ad serving system

Manage your audience data

Build your private audience database while executing your campaigns or use 3rd party data to reach the audience you want. It’s all possible using our platform! 

ad serving platform

Marketing automation

A simple "if this, then that" style rule builder is there for you. Automated Rules can handle budget and bid optimization, run campaigns on a recurring schedule, pause low performing entities and more.

display ad server

Optimization algorithms

Building audience database is one thing but being able to execute your own optimization algorithms while executing your campaigns is a game changer.

Our Customers

Over 9 billion ad impressions served for our customers every month!

Cutting-edge features of our platform

Cross-Platform ad serving

Cross-Platform ad servering 

Our system automatically figures out the optimal method of servering ads across PCs, smartphones and tablets.

Asynchronous ad codes

Asynchronous ad codes

Select asynchronous ad codes for ad units and ensure your website loads much faster. This is an entirely unique solution!

Real-time statistics

Real-time statistics
You stay up to date with the latest statistics and reports, ensuring your campaigns remain under control.

Video ad serving

Video ad servering

Our platform enables you to run any video campaign and to measure all the parameters. The system is compatible with all types of VAST players.

Flexible ad formats

Flexible ad formats

We are able to serve rich media ads (e.g. HTML5, HTML/CSS/JS), Flash, Images/Email, Mobile, and Video.

Intuitive interface

Intuitive interface
It takes little time to discover and fall in love with our user interface. Everything is grouped into logical units, making it easy for you to navigate and manage your campaign.

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Robust platform-wide API

We deliver the strongest 2-way API functionaly in the industry. Customize the solution to fit your needs. Innovation is only one call away.

rtb ad server

Customer managener Customer management

Bussiness inteligenceBussiness inteligence

Invoicing SolutionInvoicing Solution

Communication platforms Communication platforms

Lead gnerationLead generation

Reliable infrastructure

We deliver our platform with full infrastructure. There is no need to worry when planning to scale up your business.
Fully hosted solution!

Way2traffic Platform is:

Cloud-based nothing to installA team of enthusiasts, always ready to help and support, whose major mission is to make the best product possible in every dimension

Fast asynchronous display codePersonal approach to every client

Track transactions and salesAn unique technology: a combination of easy to use console and constantly developed system with high-tech AI

Video, in-image and mobile adsConstant investments, learning and development

Real-time reporting and forecastingBest prices in the market

We are developing our technology for online ad management since 2008

ad servers for publishers


Ads displayed

doubleclick ad server


Clicks in our ads

rtb for publishers


Sales leads generated

All-in-one advertisting platform


Sales transactions delivered


Manag ads acros search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing.


Manage text and image ads across news site, blogs and niche sites.


Manage text and image ads across mobile aps and sites


Manag ads and sponsored post across Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin


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