Advantages of a hosted solution (SaaS)

The possibility of starting operations within a few hours, without start-up fees

Infrastructure fully operated by the service provider – no infrastructure expenditures or maintenance costs

Quick and secure implementation of changes, in a trusted environment!

Cutting-edge features of our platform

Cross-Platform ad serving

Our system automatically figures out the optimal method of serving ads across PCs, smartphones and tablets.

Video ad serving

Our platform enables you to run any video campaign and to measure all parameters. The system is compatible with all types of VAST players.

Asynchronous ad codes

Select asynchronous ad codes for ad units and make your website load much faster. This is an entirely unique solution!

Flexible ad formats

We are able to serve rich media ads (e.g. HTML5, HTML/CSS/JS), Flash, Images/Email, Mobile, and Video.

Real-time statistics

You stay up to date with the latest statistics and reports, ensuring your campaigns remain under control.

Intuitive interface

It takes little time to discover and fall in love with our user interface. Everything is grouped into logical units, making it easy for you to navigate and manage your campaign.

Flexible and simple user interface

An intuitive ad server boasting all the advanced solutions you may need. Manage your online campaigns effectively!

The Way2traffic Platform was designed to make it easy to add new functionalities and allow users to use all its features - intuitively.

No matter whether you define campaigns or use reports – everything is always quick and simple.

Advertising is your business, so do not waste time struggling with the wrong tools – choose the WAY2TRAFFIC Platform!

Platform functionality

In line with current market trends

The possibility of gathering audience data for any campaign in the form of a private database, which can also be used at a future date

The possibility of incorporating private and external data into targeting campaigns

The possibility of running RTB campaigns and setting up private ad exchanges

The possibility of running retargeting campaigns, applying dynamic ad creation management

The possibility of segmenting audiences and using multiple data sources as part of targeting campaigns

Tap into demographic data from external sources

SSP / the price at which publishers sell their ad inventory is optimised on the basis of audience data

DSP / audience data helps advertisers to allocate their funds effectively to optimise ROI

The possibility of customising your graphical user interface – a complete white-label

Add your own logo so that your customers know they are using your system.

Modify graphics to suit all of your needs.

Host the system on your own domain so that it feels familiar to your customers.

Managing customer accounts and ad/affiliate network finances

Each of your ad network partners will receive an individual customer account.

Our system will automatically calculate all fees, while you set the minimum withdrawal amounts.

You will have complete control over your partners' withdrawal processes.

Check out the video below to see our system in action

It is user-friendly

Our system was designed with the user in mind. All features are grouped into logical units, so it is just a matter of minutes to launch even an advanced ad campaign.

It is flexible

Our complete API documentation is available to our customers. If you need a new feature, do not hesitate to contact us!

It is efficient

Do you want to increase traffic to your website or run your campaign on the largest sites? This is not a problem for us, as we are already in a position to do this.